May 13th, 2016 | Deepti

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Physiotherapy is given to children who are affected with cerebral palsy. Deepti has a team of qualified and well experienced physios, who are very much dedicated to help children.

They asses the physical state of each child and devise a special programme to suit each child’s need. The programme involves the use of balance, strength and coordination activities, toys, games or other special equipments. Physical exercise is given to encourage movements, which reduce the spasticity of the muscles and develop normal tone. Children are encouraged to stand and walk steadily.


Stepping with the help of special walker


Physiotherapy session

standing frame and walkers

Standing frames and special seats for children


Physio ball exercise

Physios help the families understand the child’s problem and teach parents/caregivers the skill to develop the child’s ability to perform everyday tasks. They give advice regarding footwear of prescription equipments (gaitors, splints, etc) to improve the child’s skill and function. They work in conjunction with other health professionals¬†to meet needs of child in a comprehensive way. They refer the child to other health professionals in other hospital when appropriate. For example, 4 of our children had othopedic surgery at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. Physios at Deepti work out a carefully tailored exercise programme which will improve daily living functions and enhance concentration, which facilitates learning, improves mood and behaviour and importantly helps build self esteem in children with special needs.

Deepti has a state of art physiotherapy centre, with essential equipment such as physio ball, parallel bar, steps, wall ladder, special walkers, special seating systems, standing frames, static cycle, trampoline, tread mill and vibrator etc.  Deepti also provides staff training with the help of experts in the fields of physiotherapy including volunteering professionals from abroad.


Giving stretching exercise to a child with Cerebral Palsy


Special Chair to improve child’s skill and function

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