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May 13th, 2016 | Deepti

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Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.



Blowing colors to create patterns


Treasure hunt

There are many aspects of creative play that promote learning and development in children. It is important for children to express themselves in many different ways; creative play is an important part of this. Giving a child the freedom to draw or create something by themselves will liberate them and give them confidence. When being creative it is important to allow the children to explore and develop their senses by using different media and materials. The child can then explore different elements of creativity.

One unique feature of Deepti is the importance given to Creative Play. Deepti is aimed at being the centre of excellence in Creative Play, so that it can be a model for others to follow. Creative play was first introduced at Deepti in March 2011, by Mrs. Caroline Essame, Creative Arts Therapist and Director of Create@Centre-Stage from Singapore. Mrs. Caroline Essame and Ms. Caroline Molloy, an Occupational Therapist, from UK visit Deepti yearly to train children and teachers in Creative Play.

Children learn and develop physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills through creative play and it is crucial to all children to help them understand and interact with the world around and within them.

Creative play is innovative and fun. Children use large brushes, for painting, encouraging large arm and hand movements, which are a prerequisite to finer movement required for feeding, and other selective tasks. Traditional sand play trays are replaced with local rice and spices to create tactile and sensory stimulation. The children also explore and enjoy projective and imaginative play with puppets, play food and cutlery and simple dressing up and face paints. Music, movement and songs are also used throughout the sessions giving rhythm, form and group interactions to the sessions.

Throughout the years, various experts from abroad have visited Deepti to train children and staff in creative play, conducting workshops and seminars for parents.

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