Special Education

Special Education is a specially designed instruction which meets the special needs of children with who are differently-abled using special instructional material, and teaching techniques. Read more


Physiotherapy is given to children who are affected with cerebral palsy. Deepti has a team of qualified and well experienced physios, who are very much dedicated to help children. Read more

Speech Therapy

Deepti Centre has a well established Department of Speech Therapy. The Department’s service is very helpful and essential for the all round progress of the children at Deepti.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is given to children who have difficulties with the practical and social skills necessary for their everyday life. Occupational therapists work in close partnership with the child and their family, school and other healthcare professionals.  Read more

Vocational Training

On 5th July 2011 Deepti started vocational training (Tailoring) for mothers who accompany their children to the school. Read more


Deepti offers counselling service to parents and children, with the help of trained and experience counsellor.


Experts who are working in the fields of special education, creative play, physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy conduct workshop for staff and parents to keep them abreast of the latest trends and resources with regard to care and support of children with special needs.