Birth of Deepti


Deepti Special School and  Rehabilitation Centre was born out of the experience of  Dr. Mathew C.Vargheese and Dr. Susan Mathew, having a son with cerebral palsy, who is now 13 years. Regarding the birth of Deepti in the words of the founders:“The challenges and hardships we have been facing  in bringing up Jyothish who has special needs, prompted us to think of other children who have similar conditions and the plight of their parents. This made us  reach out to them with love to care and to encourage them out of our own experience.”

The Beginning

Deepti Special School and Rehabilitation Centre has been making a difference in the lives of children who are differently-abled and their families. It began as a therapy centre for children with cerebral palsy on August 2009 which was initially known as Deepti Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy.  Deepti Special School was inaugurated to address the need of differently-abled children, since mainstream schools are neither specially equipped nor are they willing to give admission to them. Although initially set up to cater for children with Cerebral Palsy, Deepti Centre later started providing special education and rehabilitation services for children on a wider spectrum of special needs like Down’s Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder,  Hyperactivity, Mentally and Visually challenged condition, in addition to Cerebral Palsy. Hence the centre is now known as Deepti Special School and Rehabilitation Centre.

Aims & Objectives

Deepti Special School aims for the holistic education of children who are differently-abled and facing various challenges. The school works towards academic excellence, development of skills and talents and character formation in the fear of God and service to humanity so as to mould intellectually trained, physically strengthened, socially committed and spiritually enlightened children.

Although there has been remarkable growth and advancement in education all around, it has to be admitted that the mainstream educational system is only geared up to cater the needs of able bodied children and the system awfully lags behind regarding education of  children with special needs. Thus many children with special needs don’t have the opportunity for proper education. Consequently, they are neglected and denied of opportunities that would bring their talents and gifts to full blossoming. Their right to be a part of the mainstream of the society is thus conveniently denied. Deepti Special School takes on this challenge and stands for the basic human right of education for all, providing special education and rehabilitation services, to bring children with special needs to the forefront of the society. It is this conviction, along with the experience of the founders of Deepti, having a child with special needs that has become a driving force behind the establishment and functioning of Deepti Special School.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum of Deepti Special School is designed in such a way as to benefit children with special needs. It aims to train them for independent living as best as possible by teaching life skills, in addition to classes in numeracy and literacy. Classes are divided according to age and ability of the children, including early intervention group, care group, preprimary, primary, secondary, prevocational and vocational. Curriculum gives emphasis to both cognitive and physical development in the children.

Our Mission

Deepti Special School is committed to be the most preferred special education centre through professional excellence, child centricity and passionate service.