Occupational Therapy

May 13th, 2016 | Deepti

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Occupational Therapy is given to children who have difficulties with the practical and social skills necessary for their everyday life. Occupational therapists work in close partnership with the child and their family, school and other healthcare professionals. Occupational therapy is provided when there is a disruption in function in one or more of the following area:

  • Gross Motor Skills: movement of large muscles in the arms and legs, abilities like rolling, crawling, walking, running, jumping, hopping etc.
  • Fine Motor Skills: movement and dexterity of the small muscles in the hands and fingers. Abilities like in-hand manipulation, reaching, carrying, shifting small objects etc.
  • Sensory Integration: ability to take in, sort out and respond from the world
  • Activities of daily living: Self-care skills like daily dressing, feeding, grooming and hygienic tasks


Working on hand exercise table


Group play

At Deepti occupational therapy is given to children individually and also engage them in group activities and play. Deepti has a rich varieties of resources for Occupational Therapy, including, peg boards, play dough, parachute, soft balls, soft toys, bean bags, hand exercise tables etc. Experts in Occupational Therapy visit Deepti and supervise the activities for children. They also conduct seminars and workshop or staff and parents. Occupational Therapy at Deepti goes hand in hand with creative play.


Training transfer of objects


Sitting relaxed on Bean Bag and doing activities in the Sensory Room

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